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Transform Tuesday Webinars

Effective Charity & Freedom from Welfare

September 26, 2017   1- 2 PM CST

with James Whitford

Watered Gardens & True Charity Initiative

True charity is most effective when local organizations are working together, as seamlessly as possible, to ensure that we are not unknowingly fostering a dependency model of care. Join our September Transform Tuesday Webinar to learn about the True Charity Initiative and the model of empowerment used by Watered Gardens Rescue Mission, a CharityTracker network. James will share the processes and tools they use to help people experience freedom from welfare through connection, education and policy change.

Taking a Community-Wide Approach to

Ending Poverty

October 10, 2017   1-2 PM CST

with Phil DeVol, Author of Bridges to Sustainable Communities

and Stephen MacDonald, Bridges Out of Poverty Coordinator

Most anti-poverty programs lack a system-wide scope of effort. But when ALL stakeholders – people in poverty, communities, businesses, organizations – come to the table with a coherent plan of action, amazing things happen. Learn from Phil DeVol, international consultant and author of Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World and Bridges to Sustainable Communities, and Stephen MacDonald, Bridges Out of Poverty Coordinator for Lucas County Family Council, on how entire communities are coming together to end poverty. 

The Power of Assessments

November 14, 2017   1- 2 PM CST

with Krista Petty, Simon Solutions Inc.

Could you create assessments that help you evaluate program effectiveness or gaps? What about assessments to help people see their personal progress over time? Or, what about assessments that can help you determine someone’s vulnerability? In this webinar, Krista will review the different types of assessments CharityTracker and Oasis Insight users are utilizing, from Getting Ahead participant  resources to Homeless Information Management System (HMIS) vulnerability indexes.

Krista serves Community Connector for Simon Solutions Inc with an extensive background in research and resource development in collaborations leading to community transformation.

Phil DeVol

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James Whitford

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